Problems with make all CFLAGS command

Lars Kristiansen lars+lister.cyrus at
Tue Jan 27 10:50:35 EST 2004

a tip:
for rh9 there is an excellent source rpm at
which you may rebuild or use its config as an example for a successfull

> On Tue, 2004-01-27 at 23:02, David Brown wrote:
>> *  Was krb5 already properly installed when I
>> installed Red Hat 9a, or do I need to re-install or
>> reconfigure it somehow?
> I think it's installed if you install the openssl development libraries.
>> * Why am I doing this anyway when I'm not concerned
>> about having Kerberos at the moment?  I tried
>> --without-krb and --without-krb5 options but got the
>> same results.  Can't I leave out Kerberos?
> The problem as I understand it is that the openssl development tools
> have been built with kerberos support. Despite the fact that you're not
> using kerberos, ssl.h needs kssl.h, and kssl.h needs krb5.h; as such you
> at least need the kerberos includes to be available.
> I must say that I'm surprised the #include <kssl.h> in ssl.h isn't
> #ifdef'ed to only be required when kerberos will be used. Then again, my
> C programming knowledge is poor to nil.
>> * Could this have something to do with SASL
>> configuration?
> I really couldn't tell you. I doubt it - I think the problem is the way
> RH have configured their openssl libs - but I'm not even remotely sure.
> If the suggestions offered above don't solve your problem then... well,
> frankly I can't remember how I worked around it. Perhaps editing the
> Makefile to add the include manually might do the trick?
> Craig Ringer

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