Problems with make all CFLAGS command

Craig Ringer craig at
Wed Jan 28 09:55:01 EST 2004

On Wed, 2004-01-28 at 22:13, David Brown strato wrote:
> Thanks for your excellent support!  I used the suggested command "export
> C_INCLUDE_PATH=/usr/kerberos/include" and successfully passed this part of
> the installation.

Glad to hear of it. 

> I still have a
> ways to go to understand this system and particularly the IMAP installation.

No worries. I expect the use of Simon Matter's packages would make the
initial install a lot easier.

You may want to read over the Cyrus Wiki at:
for more help on Cyrus, as well as the documentation that comes with the

I use Cyrus IMAPd with Sendmail, MIMEDefang, SpamAssassin and Clam-AV
and get excellent results. Everything is fast and reliable. So - thanks
again to those who work on Cyrus, and the other tools too.

> I'm preparing for Linux+ certification, but I come from WAN side and not
> from programming.  I would be interested in any recommendations for learning
> BASH and whatever other programming principles/languages that would help in
> my transition to Linux.  You seem to know your way around,

Only in the sense that I've been stumbling around for quite some time
now - so I know a little bit of almost every area. Solo sysadmin for a
multi-platform network will do that to you ;-)

Alas, the best way to learn seems to be to sit down and _do_ _things_.
Not being afraid to RTFM goes a long way too, and if you choose to go
and buy a few dead-tree books that can be mighty handy too. Oh - and
join a local LUG (or BSD user group, or whatever) - you can often learn
a lot just lurking on the mailing lists.

> Thanks again!  I'm still not there yet, so you may hear from me again as I
> complete the install.  It seems they really didn't make it easy for us, but
> I'm sure there will be some user-friendly config tools in the future.

Perhaps. The problem is, of course, that the day-to-day operation of
Cyrus is actually rather simple once you understand how the various bits
fit together. As such, it's hard to think - as someone who uses Cyrus -
what exactly such a tool would do.

Also, as Cyrus can be integrated into so many different setups -
different OSes, different MTAs, different authentication methods,
SSL/non-SSL, local LMTP/remote LMTP/deliver, etc that it'd be very hard
to write a useful config tool.

Really, that's what people like SuSE and Apple do - they put together a
box that says "mail server" on it that has a pre-selected set of tools
pre-integrated, often with a universal config front-end. Usually one
that's only capable of showing a small amount of the underlying
software's real power. Of course, you pay - usually rather a lot - for
using them, and they're often less flexible in the long run.

[sysadmin's impractical wishful thinking]:
I must say, though, that I'd be very far from sad to see standard
interfaces for connecting MTAs to virus scanners, IMAP/POP servers and
other tools. It's very frustrating the way that one can't learn "setting
up Cyrus" but rather "Setting up Cyrus, then making it talk happily to
Sendmail". If you then need to get Cyrus up and running quickly on a
Postfix box ... well, you'll probably be going back to the manuals. 

Things like LMTP do seem to be addressing this, but it'd be nice to see
it go further. In particular, an MTA-independent interface similar to
Milter would be sheer bliss.

Craig Ringer

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