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Earl R Shannon ershanno at
Wed Jan 28 16:28:08 EST 2004


I've not seen anything per se myself. We've set up a shared folder
service here at NCSU. Things to be aware of are the form of the
email address to deliver to the shared mailbox/folder, permissions
to allow the mail delivery to occur, ie. give the user anyone an
ACL with at least p in it. Set ACL's for additional users as necessary.
And make sure that clients know how to configure their email programs.

As part of the service we provide an alias for people to use that
maps onto the delivery address to the shared folder.
For example:

ece-admin at -> bb+ece.admin at

Earl Shannon

Jason Williams wrote:
> Good morning everyone.
> I wanted to ask some questions regarding shared folders and cyrus. I 
> currently have cyrus-imapd-2.1.16 'gelling' well with postfix right now. 
> Everything is running smoothly.
> My next task is to do some research and testing on shared folders. Our 
> company needs the ability to set up shared folders that can only be 
> viewable to certain people (which are in turn, departments).
> With that in mind, I was hoping to find additional documentation that I 
> can use to read up on shared folders. That way, I can see how to create 
> shared folders, setup permissions, remove/add users etc.
> I've been flipping through the 'Managing IMAP' book but its a few years 
> old. I've also been googling looking for additional docs as well.
> There anyone that can point me in the right direction for additional 
> information to help me get started with this task? I do appreciate it.
> Best,
> Jason

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