Problem with LMTP and TLS

Josh Endries jendries at
Wed Jan 28 16:49:19 EST 2004

Hiya list,

I'm having problems getting TLS working on LMTP. I recently installed 
the cyrus-imapd22 port in FreeBSD, with OpenSSL, and it seems to be 
compiled correctly. imaps/pop3s work just fine, and ldd shows the SSL 
libraries compiled into lmtpd, but for some reason lmtpd doesn't offer 
STARTTLS. I've been testing with a simple "telnet localhost lmtp" then 
"LHLO blah". I have the global certs defined in imapd.conf, but other 
than that I can't remember doing anything to get SSL working. Are there 
any configuration options I need to set in order for STARTTLS to show up 
in lmtpd? Does this touch SASL at all (that has working SSL in it also, 
but I'm out of ideas)?


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