Upgrade from 2.0.16 to 2.1.15 debian package - cvt_cyrusdb aborts

Mike Brodbelt m.brodbelt at acu.ac.uk
Tue Jan 27 12:59:51 EST 2004


I'm trying to migrate my users from a Cyrus 2.0.16 install (built from
source) to Cyrus 2.1.15 (the Debian package backported for Woody).

I'm currently testing the procedure on a copy of my mail mail server -
here's a brief outline of the migration process:-

Shut down old Cyrus, exported mailboxes.db with ctl_mboxlist -d. Removed
old Cyrus install, and installed packages for 2.1.15. Moved the mail
spools to the appropriate Debian locations under /var/lib/cyrus and
/var/spool/cyrus. I've got "hashimapspool" set to false, as my old spool
was not hashed, and then I rebuilt a new mailboxes.db and ran
reconstruct recursively over the entire user hierarchy.

This all works, and aside from a glitch with SASL which necessitated
changing the password for my test user, I can log in, and see the
mailboxes. However, all the seen state information isn't there. The old
2.0.16 install kept seen state in flat files under /var/imap/user, so I
attempted to convert these with cvt_cyrusdb, but it fails on every file
I've tried:-

$ /usr/sbin/cvt_cyrusdb \
/var/lib/cyrus/user/s/se.seen.old flat \
/var/lib/cyrus/user/s/se.seen skiplist
Converting from /var/lib/cyrus/user/s/se.seen.old (flat) to
/var/lib/cyrus/user/s/se.seen (skiplist)
cvt_cyrusdb: cyrusdb_skiplist.c:1037: mystore: Assertion `key && keylen'

Obviously, Cyrus fails to open the flat files, complaining (rightly) of
an invalid skiplist header.

Any help would be appreciated - I can't see any reference to this
problem in install-upgrade.html or the list archives.



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