Recommended webmail clients to use with cyrus..

Denis V. Suhanov den at
Tue Jan 27 18:32:29 EST 2004

Hello Jason,

Tuesday, January 27, 2004, 3:17:40 PM, you wrote:
JW> In the last of my final pieces to my mail server, im looking for a webmail
JW> package. Obviously, it needs to work with Cyrus.

JW> Anyone have any suggestions on a webmail to use, that works well with
JW> Cyrus? Anyone that stands out better than the rest or is a better choice
JW> overall?

Horde  works  just  fine with me. The only problem is that it does not
provide  good  Cyrus-compatible  scheme for user password change, so I
had to use Mailadmin (had to modify it though, did not want to work on
modern PHP versions). Except this, I am extremely pleased with Horde.

Best regards,
 Denis                            mailto:den at

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