Web based password updating...

Adam Gover agover at rogers.wave.ca
Tue Jan 27 18:59:03 EST 2004

Hi All,

Im not too sure if this is the correct list for this or not so please
excuse me if I have misdirected this. 

Im in the process of migrating my departments internal mail system to a
cyrus/postfix combo.  Our current system is simply using /etc/shadow &
/etc/passwd for authentication/user lookup at this point I am not aware
of a simple method to obtain the users current passwords as such I need
to arrange a way for users to update passwords.

Since my team really doesn't have the resources (or time) to field the
200-300 calls for users attempting to change passwords I was wondering
if anyone has run across a web based password change tool that will work
with my setup (web-cyradm I don't think will work).  I have looked
around but as of yet I have not seen anything that will allow this.

System breakdown is as follows:

Sun Sparc w/8gb Ram, 40gb os/soft store, 500Gb A1000 array for mail data
store running Solaris 9  12/03
Cyrus Imap w/ ssl support using auxprop (/etc/sasldb2) for
Postfix using lmtp and local_recipient_maps to validate/forward to local


agover at PLEASE_DONT_SPAMrogers.wave.caME_MORE :)

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