performance tuning

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Wed Jan 28 02:22:46 EST 2004

> Hi everyone!
> I've been trying to tweak my cyrus system to improve performance.  I have
> a
> few programs (smtp-sink that came with postfix) that I use to test my
> server.  I used smtp-sink to send 100 messages to a random set of 20
> different accounts (2,000 messages total; average time to send is about 60
> sec).  That part works great, or well enough at least. :)  It takes about
> 2
> seconds to send 100.  Not as fast as a lot of the other system specs I
> have
> seen out there, but I'm using mysql for virtual users and a ton of
> expensive
> filtering lookups in my mta, so it takes that long to shove them into the
> queue manager.  Anyway, I've noticed that postfix can only deliver so many
> messages at a time to lmtp.  I'm using lmtp as the delivery method, going
> over a local tcp/ip transport (I was using lmtp:unix files previously, no
> significant difference in performance between the two).  After all of the
> mail is injected into the postfix queue, it takes about 30 seconds to
> deliver all 2,000 into the correct mailboxes.  Really not that bad imho,
> but
> I'm wondering if it could be better. :)  My goal is to get cyrus to keep
> up
> with postfix, if that's possible.
> I've tried all sorts of things, mostly blind guesses though.  I switched
> from lmtp:unix to straight lmtp tcp/ip, that didn't make a difference at
> all.  I also disabled "duplicatesuppression" in imapd.conf at the expense
> of
> losing sieve (cringe), but that didn't make a significant difference
> either.
> It took about 40 seconds to deliver 2000 messages with
> duplicatesuppression
> enabled, about 8-10 seconds longer than when duplicatesuppression was
> disabled.  Also, a postfix related control, I have
> lmtp_destination/recipient_concurrency_limit set to 300.  I have expanded
> this as high as 1000 but with not impact, which leads me to believe there

I have this on one box in postfix/
local_transport = lmtp:unix:/var/lib/imap/socket/lmtp
local_destination_recipient_limit = 1000

What database backends are you using in cyrus and what filesystems do you
use for the cyrus dirs? I think that's where you could optimize things.
However I don't know whether your numbers are good or bad because I never
had a performance problem.


> must be something I can do with cyrus to get it to accept more mail at one
> time.
> As a side note, when I run my programs, it brings my dual xeon 2.4ghz
> processors to 80% utilization (2 gigs of ram and raid 0). :D  Not
> important
> to the problem I don't think, but there ya go anyway, just if you are
> curious.
> Any ideas?  Let me know if I left something out.
> Cyrus IMAP4 v2.1.16
> postfix 2.0.16
> mysql 4.x (allows 1000 concurrent connections)
> Thanks!

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