Cyrus install problem

Craig Ringer craig at
Thu Jan 29 05:53:19 EST 2004

On Thu, 2004-01-29 at 16:46, David Grant wrote:
> I ./configure, 'make depend', and then attempt to 'make all CFLAGS=-0', and
> I get syntax errors all over the place starting with line 57 in the
> configure script with kssl.h and krb5.h. It also says no such file or
> directory, but I've checked and those 2 files are there, plus I added
> --with-openssl=/usr/include/openssl to my ./configure command.

Please search the archives, I helped someone solve this yesterday. I
expect the same answer applies to you. 

If you don't find it to work, perhaps posting a new question including
your OS and version, Cyrus version, configure command line, and the full
error message might be useful. Without that information it's hard to
answer any questions usefully - so it's a good idea to always include

Also, if you're having problems it's worth trying to do a basic build
without any extra flags - like -O - and seeing if it behaves better.

Craig Ringer

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