Fileinto does not work correctly with shared folder

Alexander Gretencord Alexander.Gretencord at
Thu Jan 29 10:43:40 EST 2004


I have a global folder I use to train the spam filter with. The problem is, I 
can manually move messages into it quite fine, but when using sieve it does 
not work. When trying to "fileinto" a message into the shared folder (named 
spam) it simply does not work and the mail gets into the user's Inbox. When I 
do a "fileinto" into one of the user's folders it works like a charm. 
Permissions on the spam folder don't seem to be a problem, as they are

anyone lrsip

Even a "sam spam anyone all" does not change the problem.

Any hints? Oh and btw, can I somehow make cyrus be _very_ verbose about 
everything? I miss a debug option. All I could find was the CYRUS_VERBOSE 
setting for the 'master' process but that did not give any more log info 
concerning my problem.


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