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Fri Jan 30 06:19:57 EST 2004

Zitat von Allister Gearon <al at>:

> Hi all,
>  can anybody recommend an antivirus solution for scanning incoming email at
> least (outgoing emails would be a bonus) with a SuSE based (8.2) Cyrus-IMAP
> mailserver.
> Versions are;
> cyrus - imapd   2.1.12
> cyrus - sasl2   2.1.12
> fetchmail    6.2.1
> db    4.0.14
> postfix    2.0.6
>     Thanks for your help
>         Alllister Gearon

Wrong list ...
Virusscan is normaly done at MTA level (postfix in your case).
Have a look at
If you want to use mailscanner as suggested by some other post be sure to have
look at the postfix mailing-list archieves. There are several drawbacks in using
Most recommended is Vexira ( but you can search the
archives of the postfix mailing list for more info.



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