Question on ACL's

Craig Ringer craig at
Fri Jan 30 13:11:29 EST 2004

On Sat, 2004-01-31 at 01:37, Jason Williams wrote:
> I created a mailbox:
> user.loanofficers
> and
> user.loanofficers.announce

It might be an idea to put shared mailboxes under a separate tree; say,
'public', rather than under a user folder.

> anyone lr
> and
> jwilliams p

> When I was trying to post to the list, even though my MTA showed it being 
> delivered to the mailbox, the user jwilliams could not view it in his 
> mozilla client.

I think the 'anyone' ACL works as a catchall, rather than being added to
user permissions. So I expect user 'jwilliams' was being given post-only

If I'm correct, you should be more successful with the ACLs:

anyone lr
jwilliams lrp

As you may have guessed by the less-than-certain tone of my message, I
don't do much with Cyrus ACLs. Nonetheless, I think this the likely
situation. I'd have to R the right bit of TFM to be sure and it's 2:00am
here (can't sleep) so I think I'll just suggest this as a line of
enquiry and hope it's of some help.

Craig Ringer

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