need help with noselect

Joao Pedras jpedras at
Fri Jan 30 16:19:49 EST 2004

Ken Murchison wrote:

> Are the submailboxes missing too?
They are not missing. They exist with their cyrus.* files. It is just 
the top one which contains nothing (except
for the sub-dirs of the other mailboxes).

I have been trying to repeat what the user might have done in another 
server but when I delete the top-level
mailbox everything is removed (including sub-mailboxes).

I have tried the following:
- create a new mailbox
- copy the directories of the other sub-folders from the "damaged"  main box
- get rid of the cyrus.* in the sub-folders
- running 'reconstruct -r -f general'
- voila... everything is back! The permissions of the top-level mailbox 
are inherited  by the others, btw.

1) Does this sound like a good route or the "corrupted" mailbox still 
has hope?

2) I guess from now on I should make sure the top-level mailbox doesn't 
have a 'lrswipcd' acl, correct?
Althought it is ok with sub-mailboxes, or not?

I granted the user permissions for a few hours fo her to create some 
sub-mailboxes... :(

Thanks Ken!!!

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