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Wed Feb 25 04:43:54 EST 2004

> For those of you interested, a new ptloader/ldap code is available in cvs
> now.  The code should compile out of box assuming you use openldap api
> 2.1.x or higher.  See imapd.conf man pages for the list of available
> commands, there are quite a few of them ;(.  All the params start with
> 'ldap_'.  Group identifiers follow the unix authorization mechanism syntax
> (group:).
> To compile, run 'configure --with-auth=pts --with-pts=ldap ....'.

I'm very interested in the LDAP group stuff.
I'm using --with-auth=unix, authenticating users via saslauthd ->
pam/ldap/whatever. Is there a chance that I can use the ldap group
functionality without changing too much. What's different with
--with-auth=pts? I feel like I miss the big picture here.


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