Problem with Cyradm

Allister Gearon al at
Wed Feb 25 04:41:44 EST 2004

How are you launching cyradm?  Is there a cyrus user allready set up on your
machine, if there is use that one, if not , create a user specifically for
administrating the Cyrus server.  See Luc de Low's Howto, (only partially
relevant if you are using rpms, but still  good for the setup phase) at

    prompt> cyradm --auth login localhost --user cyrus
is how I start cyradm on my server (SuSe 8.2, standard rpms).

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>From: "Bertrand Maugain" <Bertrand.Maugain at>

>Subject: RE: Problem with Cyradm

>When launching it nothing happens..just waiting
>I have other questions:
>I often get the error telling me that the admin name in imapd.conf is not a
valid option name. How comes? >Should it be cyrus??
>Is it a reason why I can't launch cyradm???
>What about the permissions of the diffrent file configuration??

>I need some help..has anybody a good how to??

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