Migrating from UW imap to Cyrus

Paul Boven p.boven at chello.nl
Mon Feb 2 14:36:38 EST 2004

Hi Sebastian,

Sebastian Hagedorn wrote:

> we just did a migration of 30,000 users this past weekend. Our approach 
> was not to try to do it perfect, but only "good enough". All we did 
> automatically was to copy the users' inboxes, not their personal 
> mailfolders. We give them tools to do that themselves. The main reason 
> for that decision was that it's near impossible to tell *where* users 
> have their folders. With UW imapd the home directory is the root of the 
> tree. Many users have "Mail" or "mail" as their mail folders, but 
> essentially it's just a guess. We knew, however, that all students had 
> their INBOX in their AFS home directories.

I've been faced with the same question, but by using imapsync 
(http://www.linux-france.org) and the (new) --subscribed option, I 
migrated all the mailboxes that users were actually subscribed to. 
Although that does mean that e.g. subfolders all end up under a 'mail' 
or 'Mail' subtree, it still saves the users the hassle of manually 
dragging all their folders across.

So far, we've succesfully migrated 14 servers this way. Only one user 
had managed to actually subcribe herself to the whole 'My Documents' 
*and* .nscache directory on the samba mount via the UW server *grin*.

There is now about 7GB of mail on the new (Sun V210) Cyrus server which 
is not showing any load whatsoever.

Regards, Paul Boven.

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