Andrew Morgan morgan at
Mon Feb 2 20:00:19 EST 2004

On Tue, 3 Feb 2004, David Grant wrote:

> I've been working with Garbage-2.2.3 for almost two weeks now, based on some
> lame programmer etiquette I've searched the net for howto and tutorials and
> found stuff I thought would work before I sent mailling lists question after
> question.
> Now I'm down to the last tiny little thing, and I found out Garbage won't
> work, thanks to the mailling lists. Apparently, you CANNOT use mysql to
> retain email address data and add and drop email accounts.
> You must use cyradm to add and drop user and their mailboxes? There is no
> other way around this, and there is no way to get a database to do this work
> for me?
> I'm sick of this Garbage. I never should have wasted my time with Garbage
> from CMU!
> David Grant - Genuinely impatient

Wow.  With a post like that, you're *sure* to get help from the list.  :)

All mailbox administration in Cyrus happens over an IMAP connection.  That
is by design.  If you want it to work some other way that's okay, but
calling it a piece of garbage because it works as designed isn't

As far as using mysql for administration, it seems like a fairly simple
exercise to write a perl script that pulls configuration changes out of
mysql and calls cyradm (or the Perl Cyrus::IMAP::Admin module) to make the
changes.  But fundamentally, Cyrus tracks mailboxes, IMAP flags, and
indexes using a variety of file-based database backends.  It would be an
interesting exercise to make mysql another possible database backend, and
that might be useful for load balanced sites where mysql can handle the
locking between multiple processes accessing the database.

The tone of your message is not appreciated.


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