Paul Bender pbender at
Mon Feb 2 21:58:55 EST 2004

I am sorry that you have become so frustrated. Stitching together user 
management (whether it is just for Cyrus IMAP of for all services) into 
something that is unified and simple to operate can be a pain.

I use an LDAP backend along with the autocreate patch 
<> to make it easy to add 
imap users, delete imap users, and automatically create the imap user's 
mailboxes when the imap user is added. I do not do anything 
automatically delete the deleted mail imap user's mailboxes because the 
risk of lost email it too great.

You might give LDAP a try. With the exception of PostNuke, it appears to 
be a more universal method for managing user information. Of course, if 
your situation dictates SQL, then SQL it is. You can still use the 
autocreate patch.

By the way, I think that Garbage is beyond version 2.2.3. Version 2.0 
came out around 1998, and they have had at least one major release since 
then. ;-)

David Grant wrote:
> I've been working with Garbage-2.2.3 for almost two weeks now, based on some
> lame programmer etiquette I've searched the net for howto and tutorials and
> found stuff I thought would work before I sent mailling lists question after
> question. 
> Now I'm down to the last tiny little thing, and I found out Garbage won't
> work, thanks to the mailling lists. Apparently, you CANNOT use mysql to
> retain email address data and add and drop email accounts.
> You must use cyradm to add and drop user and their mailboxes? There is no
> other way around this, and there is no way to get a database to do this work
> for me?
> I'm sick of this Garbage. I never should have wasted my time with Garbage
> from CMU!
> David Grant - Genuinely impatient

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