Chris Scott chris at
Mon Feb 2 22:13:23 EST 2004

David Grant wrote:
<snip misguided ranting crap>
> You must use cyradm to add and drop user and their mailboxes? There is no
> other way around this, and there is no way to get a database to do this work
> for me?

Use a database for your users backend.  Use IMAP to create the accounts. 
Since you can use anything that will do telnet to accomplish this, you 
aren't limited.  Take a look at the free, open source cyradm source code to 
find out what commands you need to send to the server.

> I'm sick of this Garbage. I never should have wasted my time with Garbage
> from CMU!

I always loved murder for the name of the aggregator but I don't think 
Garbage would be a good choice for an IMAP server.  However, you could say 
it does everything but take out the trash.

> David Grant - Genuinely impatient
Chris Scott - Trying to help regardless of your tone

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