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Peter P. Benac wrote:
>     The problem with Freeware is that most times the documents that
> accompany the software severely lack any substance. 

What needs to be stressed here is that its *free* software. You are more
than welcome to donate either efforts (like Ken suggested) or funds to
correct the situation you describe.

> If these solutions were put into print or FAQ format then perhaps David
> wouldn't have to be so angry and the stupid questions that nobody wants to
> answer will have a place to be sent.

Perhaps but that is no excuse. I rely on opensource software a lot and
have often found myself in a similar scenario like that of the original
poster of this thread where documentation did not suffice and I didn't
receive any replies to my requests for help on mailing lists. Just
because we are able to download and use free software does not mean
that we are absolutely entitled to free support. Developers and
experienced system administrators who donate their time and post to
these mailing lists probably have other priorities - it's a little
presumptuous to think that they *have* to answer our calls for help
within a certain time frame.

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