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I didn't think there was a manual, that's why I was surprised when I saw this:

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On Tuesday 04 Dec 2001 11:31 am, Philip Hazel wrote:

> Try adding
>   prefix =
>   suffix =
> as it tells you to do in the manual, section 18.5.

It worked, surprised it effected an address that had no prefix or 
suffix in the local_part.

Thanks everyone, I'm off to read the manual for an explination on why 
it effected a local_part with no prefix or suffix.

--Sean Witham

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Christopher Paluch wrote:

> Since no one has answered by previous post, I will try a different tact.  
> In another post I've seen reference to a manual section 18.5 or something like that.  Where is this manual?
> The Cyrus website points to the doc/ directory that comes with the distribution as containing the manual.  I've found several documents in that directory but nothing seems to be numbered in sections.  So where would I find this section 18.5 that is supposed to talk about "prefix=" and "suffix=".
> Thanks for anyone you responds to this post.

There is no manual.  Where did you see a reference to section 18.5 of 
the manual?  Are you confusing this with something like imapd.conf(5) or 
imapd(8)?  These are UNIX manual page references, e.g:

man imapd
man imapd.conf

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