[OT] MUA's with "direct post" support?

Kevin P. Fleming kpfleming at backtobasicsmgmt.com
Wed Feb 4 23:20:31 EST 2004

Ken Murchison wrote:

> Are you worrying about how user's reading newsgroups via IMAP shared 
> folders will post to these groups?  If so, you can allow this fairly 
> easily by using the newspostuser option and the lmtp2nntp software. Take 
> a look at doc/install-netnews.html for details on how to set this up.

OK, now that I've read the docs again I see how this is supposed to 
work. The MUA can just "reply" to the created To: address, and the SMTP 
server that the MUA sends the message to for delivery diverts it to 
lmtp2nntp. That makes sense, and is pretty straightforward to implement. 
In my case, the MUA is going to be SquirrelMail, so this will be 
_really_ easy to do, no configuration required on the user's part at all.

Just had another thought: this works fine for replies, but not for users 
who want to start new threads in the folder. For that they'd need to use 
the post+news.group.subgroup syntax, right? If they used an MUA with 
direct posting support, the posted message wouldn't have the right To: 
header and noone would be able to reply to it.

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