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Ken Murchison ken at
Tue Feb 17 14:15:52 EST 2004 at wrote:

> On Tue, 17 Feb 2004, Ken Murchison wrote:
>>Any article which gets posted to Cyrus nntpd will have the post address
>>added to the Reply-To header, and this address will be present in the
>>article when it is transferred to the outside news peer.
> I thought I raised this concern, but it may have just been a mumble
> to myself, something I do way too often and it gets confusing.
> Anyway, yeah, I think it should be stripped before posting to peers.
> Even if you block it at the MTA, it'll no doubt cause confusion for
> those outside of your kingdom.

I've actually been looking for more info on this type of thing, and here 
is what I found:

I can strip the address before transferring the article via NNTP, but 
this doesn't help if the article is posted/replied via SMTP.

I'm having a bad day, so this little problem (and any possible 
solutions) are just adding to my frustration.  If anybody has any 
suggestions, I'm all ears.

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