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Tue Feb 17 14:58:20 EST 2004

On Tue, 17 Feb 2004, Ken Murchison wrote:

> I've actually been looking for more info on this type of thing, and here
> is what I found:
> I can strip the address before transferring the article via NNTP, but
> this doesn't help if the article is posted/replied via SMTP.

Ultimately, isn't that also just an NNTP post, via lmtp2nntp?

If the message is inserted directly into this folder via just lmtp,
then the Reply-To (Newsgroups, etc.) header won't be added anyway....

> I'm having a bad day, so this little problem (and any possible


> solutions) are just adding to my frustration.  If anybody has any
> suggestions, I'm all ears.

I know about the Reply-To evil stuff, but isn't this a bit different?
I mean, we're talking about a newsgroup, not a mailing list.  With a
mailing list, the Reply-To munging would impact all those on that
list.  However, with a newsgroup, it's only impacting that newsgroup,

Of course I guess this all gets *really* muddy if you're doing any
sort of mirroring between a list and a newsgroup (anybody try that
yet?), but that's something for the implementor of such a gateway to
worry about, right?

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