How-To use Virtual Domains?

Torsten E. linux-user at
Thu Feb 5 02:01:10 EST 2004

Hello list,

hopefully nobody will blame if this question was already asked before .....
but I didn't find any hints within the archive - maybe I searched the wrong
term, as english is not my native language .....

I'm using postfix & cyrus (2.0.16), and postfix "handles" two domains now.

Is there a way to use cyrus with two domains, too?
My current cyrus-strucutre looks like this:
    user.user-a (\HasChildren)
    user.user-a.INBOX.Drafts (\HasNoChildren)
    user.user-a.INBOX.Sent (\HasNoChildren)
    user.user-a.INBOX.Trash (\HasNoChildren)
    user.user-a.Junk-E-Mail (\HasNoChildren)
    user.user-a.Spam (\HasNoChildren)
    user.user-a.Trash (\HasNoChildren)
    user.user-a.people (\HasNoChildren)
    user.user-a.lists (\HasNoChildren)
    user.user-b (\HasChildren)
    user.user-b.Gesendete Objekte (\HasNoChildren)
    user.user-b.INBOX.Drafts (\HasNoChildren)
    user.user-b.INBOX.Sent (\HasNoChildren)
    user.user-b.INBOX.Trash (\HasNoChildren)
    user.user-b.Junk-E-Mail (\HasNoChildren)
    user.user-b.Spam (\HasNoChildren)
    user.user-b.Trash (\HasNoChildren)
    user.user-b.linux (\HasNoChildren)
    user.user-b.test (\HasNoChildren)
But this structure is for all users, so there can't be user-a in domain-1
and domain-2 ..... and I'd like to separate it for the two domains, so
postfix would "forward" incoming mails correctly.

I realy hope you understand what I mean ....

Thanks in advance!

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