Mail client send token greater then 8K

Ken Murchison ken at
Thu Feb 5 12:15:54 EST 2004

Vladimir Tyman wrote:

> Rob Siemborski wrote:
>>On Thu, 5 Feb 2004, Vladimir Tyman wrote:
>>>the same) moved cca. 3000 messages to Trash folder and when he tried
>>>to empty trash folder client does not display any new/recent message.
>>>In imapd log are these errors:
>>>Jan 29 11:56:14 ns imapd[48153]: Fatal error: word too long
>>>Then we logged the next session of the user and relevant parts follow:
>>You can adjust the value of MAXWORD in imap/imapparse.c upwards to allow
>>larger transmissions.  Admittedly, 8k is too small -- we have increased
>>this to 16k in current CVS, but I'm unsure this will be enough.
> Thank you Rob for explanation. I looked over the code and it seems to me 
> that memory for buffer is allocated in steps of BUFGROWSIZE (100 in 2.1.16)
> up to hardlimit value of MAXWORD.
> We would like to change the MAXWORD to say 128k. Will it have negative 
> impact on imapd? I don't think so, but I don't know if this change should 
> affect other parts of code. Hence I would like to know your opinion for 
> such enlargement of MAXWORD.
> What is your opinion to make this parameter configurable, at least before
> compilation? Something as "--with-token-limit=8192".
> BTW - what is the best way to caculate the size of MAXWORD if we limited
> the token as operation on set of 10.000 UIDs?

Since a UID is a 32-bit number, that longest the any UID can be is 10 
chars.  Add 1 for the separator, and by my math, MAXWORD=110000 should work.

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