ACL usage revisted (need feedback)

Jason Williams jwilliams at
Mon Feb 9 20:18:39 EST 2004

Hello everyone.

About a week ago, I started a thread explaining my attempts to use ACL's on 
shared folders and bulletin boards using Postfix. I explained in the thread 
that I could not get ACL's to work correctly with specfic users. It was 
then pointed out to me that the problem was in the MTA itself, Postfix. 
Postfix does not pass off the credentials to the lmptd process (and does 
not send AUTH either) and this was the pitfall to getting ACL's to work 

I verified this by posting to the Postfix mailing list and even received a 
reply from the developer of Wietse stating what was already said to me on 
the cyrus mailing list. The only MTA that I found out that would be able to 
do this is Sendmail.

Here is my dilemma. I explained to my Manager why ACl's would not work 
correctly for shared folders and bulletin boards and explained in detail 
WHY. I then stated that if we want to use ACL's on these folders and 
boards, Sendmail was the ticket to what we needed. I'm also guessing that 
if we decided to implement a murder server for our company, the use of 
ACL's would be vital, hence another reason to use Sendmail.

Pretty cut and dry wouldn't you say?

Well here is the problem. My manager thinks he can fix this problem using 
some sort of 'magic' method. I have absolutely no idea what he is thinking 
and how he thinks he can fix this, but it absolutely infuriates me because 
I would prefer to quit screwing around and start to using Sendmail now, 
instead of months down the road when I will be looking at hime saying "I 
told you so!"

The way it was explained to me and from what I understand, getting ACL's to 
work correctly is dependent upon the MTA used.

Maybe someone can explain this to me, but are there any other options to 
getting ACL functionality working correctly, besides using Sendmail? Maybe 
im wrong, but im thinking Sendmail is our only option.

I appreciate the feedback.


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