ACL usage revisted (need feedback)

Joakim Ryden jryden at
Tue Feb 10 19:28:06 EST 2004

on 02/10/2004 04:23 PM Ken Murchison said the following:

>> How is SMTP Auth going to help with this problem?
> When the MUA authenticates to the MTA, the authid is passed along to 
> lmtpd in the AUTH= keyword in the MAIL FROM command.  lmtpd then checks 
> to see if this authid has posting rights on the rcpt mailbox.  Without 
> the authid given by the MTA, lmtpd assumes that the authid is 
> "anonymous", which means you would have to grant anyone posting rights 
> on the mailbox, which is what Jason is trying to avoid.

Gotcha. No reason not to use Postfix then, which has an SMTP Auth 
implementation, unless your saying passing of the AUTH= keyword is 
Sendmail specific, that Postfix doesn't, and Exim does.


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