ACL usage revisted (need feedback)

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Tue Feb 10 19:38:07 EST 2004

El mié, 11-02-2004 a las 01:28, Joakim Ryden escribió:
> on 02/10/2004 04:23 PM Ken Murchison said the following:
> >> How is SMTP Auth going to help with this problem?
> > 
> > 
> > When the MUA authenticates to the MTA, the authid is passed along to 
> > lmtpd in the AUTH= keyword in the MAIL FROM command.  lmtpd then checks 
> > to see if this authid has posting rights on the rcpt mailbox.  Without 
> > the authid given by the MTA, lmtpd assumes that the authid is 
> > "anonymous", which means you would have to grant anyone posting rights 
> > on the mailbox, which is what Jason is trying to avoid.
> Gotcha. No reason not to use Postfix then, which has an SMTP Auth 
> implementation, unless your saying passing of the AUTH= keyword is 
> Sendmail specific, that Postfix doesn't, and Exim does.

I think that is the key. Both Sendmail and Exim remember the AUTH=
keyword issued by an authenticated MUA or MTA and pass along to the MDA
(Cyrus) in the LMTP conversation. Postfix doesn't do this.

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