ldap/cyrus server

Robin M. robin at primus.ca
Tue Feb 10 09:22:35 EST 2004

On Mon, 9 Feb 2004, Robin M. wrote:
reply to myself :)
> I am trying to build an ldap cyrus server. Is there a site that anyone
> knows of with good examples of schemas for use with an ldap email server
> that resemble all the fields a user would find in an outlook address
> book, or that work well with a netscape email client. Something
> explaining how to simulate an Exchange-like server.
> My ldap/cyrus server is now looking fairly complete but this is my first
> time and I have not really seen much recent documentation in this vein.
here is alot of information on how to do this. It is in spanish but anyone
should be able to decipher enough.
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