Restricting Certain users to Local access only

Peter P. Benac ppbenac at
Tue Feb 10 08:55:08 EST 2004


   Is there an easy way to tell Cyrus that only certain user can access
IMAP/POP3 remotely.  I have a web server where most of the clients are
required to access their mail via a Web Based Application.  I currently do
this using VM-POP3D and IPOP3 and changed the port for IPOP3 to a
non-standard port. My web Client then get their mail via this non-standard
port and only the Web Software knows it. Vm-pop3 is never told about the web
clients so they can't log into the system via a mail client.  Sendmail sees
them as local users and allows them to send mail only via the Web Software.
They are not setup in the SASL database so any attempts they may try to send
mail remotely thru my server are rejected. This only works because both
vm-pop3d and ipop3 use the standard Unix files to store mail.

    Can I setup Cyrus IMAP in similar manner?  Has anyone done this or can
anyone point me in the right direction.

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