lmtp permision denied

Edward J. Shornock ed at crazeecanuck.homelinux.net
Wed Feb 11 04:28:44 EST 2004

Rafel Amer wrote:

> Hi,
> I have installed debian gnu/linux sarge and postfix/cyrus mail server.
> When I trie to send an e-mail, I get the following error in the mail.log
> Feb 10 17:46:47 claimcenter postfix/lmtp[19109]: B6D0EDB: 
> to=<prova at claimcenter.net>, relay=none, delay=0, status=deferred 
> (connect to /var/lib/cyrus/socket/lmtp[/var/lib/cyrus/socket/lmtp]: 
> Permission denied)
> Does anybody know how I can solve this problem?

What are your permissions on /var/lib/cyrus/socket/lmtp?  What version 
of Cyrus?  If it's Debian version 2.1.16-*, did you happen to read 
/usr/share/doc/cyrus21-doc/README.postfix.gz ?  If you didn't, you might 
want to do so now, otherwise you'll probably miss other important 
things, besides:

<Quote from README.postfix.gz>
WARNING:  Since Cyrus pre-auths anything coming through the Unix socket, 
who can write to it will be able to inject email into Cyrus directly.

Use dpkg-statoverride to make sure your configuration for the socket
permissions will not be overwritten by the Cyrus packages.  Do remember that
Postfix usually runs the LMTP transport as user "postfix" (configurable in
/etc/postfix/master.cf).  Also, do not run the postfix lmtp transport 
if the socket is not inside the chroot.

1. Create a lmtp group:
        # addgroup lmtp

2. Put user postfix in that group:
        # adduser postfix lmtp

3. Fix the socket directory permissions:
        # dpkg-statoverride --force --update --add \
          cyrus lmtp 750 /var/run/cyrus/socket

4. Restart Postfix and Cyrus IMAPd
        # /etc/init.d/postfix restart
        # /etc/init.d/cyrus21 restart

</Quote from README.postfix.gz>

I highly recommend reading the documentation in 
/usr/share/doc/cyrus21-docs.  I just installed Cyrus-Imapd with Postfix, 
Maia, Web-Cyradm, and Amavisd-New last week and I didn't have any 
problems after RTFM'ing.


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