wiki suggestion: integrated products bundling Cyrus IMAPd

Craig Ringer craig at
Wed Feb 11 06:20:39 EST 2004

Hi folks

I thought it might be an idea to start a wiki page tracking products
that ship an integrated Cyrus IMAPd. This would be useful in (a) saving
people who don't want to roll their own a lot of frustration and (b)
potentially saving the mailing list participants a lot of repeat
questions and issues.

I suggest an entry, possibly on the main wiki page, along the lines of
"Integrated products including Cyrus". A FAQ entry along the lines of
"this is too fiddly - isn't there an easier way to make this all just
go?" that refers to the aforementioned page might be a good idea, too.

Sound sensible?

Here's my suggested beginning for the product list:

Simon's RPMs - not really integrated mail system, but make setup a bit

SuSE OpenExchange
Apple MacOS X Server

Home Page:
List Archives/Info:

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