IMSP and Digest-MD5

William K. Hardeman wont-i at
Tue Feb 17 03:30:06 EST 2004

Howdy all,

My apologies for the cross-post, but I'm hoping to cover all bases with my 
question. :-)

I've just upgraded my IMSP server to the lastest Cyrus 1.7b, as recommended 
by CMU. I had hoped that, with that upgrade, I would finally be able to use 
Digest-MD5 authentication to the IMSP server. However, it's still not 
working in either the 3.1 releases or the 2.2 releases of Mulberry. 
Cram-MD5 and Plain/Login continue to work fine, though.

Does anyone know if my inability to use Digest-MD5 is a problem with 
Mulberry, or is a problem with Cyrus IMSP? Are there any known fixes?

Finally, I thought I saw mentioned somewhere awhile back that work was 
ongoing to implement SSL/TLS capabilities into the IMSP server. Can anyone 
comment on how well that might be progressing?

Thanks for your help.

William K. Hardeman
wont-i at

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