IMSP and Digest-MD5

William K. Hardeman wont-i at
Tue Feb 17 11:57:24 EST 2004

Ah, well. It was an idea. :-)

Thanks for all the help with this. I really appreciate it!


--On Tuesday, 17 February, 2004 11:48 -0500 Rob Siemborski 
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> On Tue, 17 Feb 2004, William K. Hardeman wrote:
>> Funny. I saw that in the IMSP server sources and didn't even twig that it
>> was "imap" instead of "imsp", otherwise I would have modified the server
>> sources.
>> Wouldn't it be better if this were filed as a bug with CMU and get the
>> service name changed in the server sources? That, to me, would seem to be
>> the better way to handle this going forward, since imap and imsp are two
>> different services.
> That's the problem with a lack of standardization of this protocol.
> Unfortuinately, *all* of the deployment is using "imap" as the service
> name.  Changing this now will break *all* deployed software.
> I'm not about to do that.  At best, it could be made a config option.
> -Rob
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