cyradm cannot authenticate to server

trichard trichard at
Tue Feb 17 12:11:27 EST 2004

Oops.  Forgot that I had backed up my /etc/sasldb2 and did not re-create a
cyrus user account in the new sasldb2.  Sorry.  :-/

This does bring up an interesting question though:

I created the cyrus user as follows:

     saslpasswd2 -c -u cyrus

A sasldblistusers2 shows:

     test at userPassword
     cyrus at userPassword

NOTE: The user "test" in this case would be a normal mail user.  Cyrus of
course is for administration purposes.

Does this look right?  I am concerned that including the hostname "post"
in the realm for the cyrus user and NOT including it in the realm for the
test user will cause problems when creating mailboxes, etc.  Before I
proceed can someone tell me if this is correct or not?

Thank you!

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