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Tue Feb 17 14:32:48 EST 2004

Zitat von Cesar Scavuzzo <cesarscav at>:

> After several attempts and with the help of some persons of this list I
> manage to get my imap server running on a FC1 with no errors so far, I
> used the RPMS from invoca (2.2.3-4) those worked great, but the problem
> that I'm having is on the distribution of e-mail (I'm real new on cyrus
> why not to say on linux too) I've created some mailboxes (with cyradm
> --user=cyrus --auth=login localhost) but when I set they on a client
> like evolution (I'm working on local network only) the test emails do
> not reach the mail boxes, I can see the inbox folder on client side of
> the account, I do not have any bounce massages, I'm using postfix on the
> imap server and to send from the client, local sendmail. 
> I really don't know where to start troubleshooting this.

What is in the postfix log??
If unsure where to find have a look at syslog.conf where the mail.* portion of
the logs go.


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