Invalid mailbox name?

trichard trichard at
Wed Feb 18 16:21:11 EST 2004

Mike O'Rourke wrote:
> I got my "-a" and "-u" parameters mixed up. It must have been late when
> I wrote that one!
> If you use
> imtest -u test -a test at -m plain -t '' localhost
> I bet it will let you select your inbox.

Woohoo!  It works!  Thanks Mike!!!

> Is your machine's name Did you create the test user
> like this?:
> saslpasswd2 -c -u test

Yes I sure did.  That was causing me the problem.  When I fixed it then 
  SMTP-AUTH went broken until I remembered to turn off the postfix 
setting of:

#smtpd_sasl_local_domain = $mydomain

Now I can authenticate on both sides with just username (no @ or domain 

The only remaining issue that I can see is that a couple of my IMAP 
subfolders for the "test" user are slow or cause disconnects to the IMAP 
server.  INBOX is always fine.  SENT seems fine.  It is Drafts and Trash 
that seem to time out occasionally.  I have looked at the ACLs but see 
no problems.

I am off to do some searching through the mailing lists for more info or 
a doc on troubleshooting subfolders.  Once again Mike, I *REALLY* 
appreciate your help with this!  You saved the day!  :-)


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