Invalid mailbox name?

Mike O'Rourke mjoop at
Wed Feb 18 12:10:04 EST 2004

>>> trichard <trichard at> 02/18/04 04:32pm >>>
>NOTE: The user "test" in this case would be indicative of a normal
>user.  Cyrus of course is for administration purposes.
>Does this look right?  I am concerned that including the hostname
>in the realm for the cyrus user and NOT including it in the realm for

>the test user will cause problems when creating mailboxes, etc. Should

>the administrator for cyrus (i.e. user cyrus) by in the same realm as

>the users or hostname.realm?
>Thanks again for all the help...I am supposed to complete this project

>today and am doing everything I can to figure this out in between your

Sorry, I didn't read to the end.

If you run cyrus-imapd without virtual domains, everything from the "@"
should default to the machine's host name. I have one machine not using
virtual domains, and hosts mail for,,
domain(...).com; there are 6 on that machine. _All_ of the users have
username at in /etc/sasldb2. The users login with just
the "username" part and all of the mailboxes are in the same directory
(/var/spool/imap). To create a mailbox in cyradm, you use "cm
user.mynewmailbox" (since you are not using the unixhierarchysep). If
your machine hosts mail for, and, any mail sent to mynewmailbox at or
mynewmailbox at or mynewmailbox at will
be delivered to mynewmailbox (if your MTA passes it along -- there are
ways to block incorrect addresses, but we are talking about cyrus

One caveat, however; and this is somewhat of an error in my previous
mail (about omitting the "-u" option on the saslpasswd2 command); if
your machine does not return the fqdn from a "hostanme" (actually, a
gethostname (2)) command (SuSE is one that returns only the local name),
you _do_ need to use the "-u", and it should be set to the fqdn of the

I had spent some time trying to make it so that users would use their
e-mail address as their login, but gave up and just used the above
method. Now that I am converting the machine for virtual domains and to
use LDAP for authentication, all the users will have to change. Oh well
... .

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