Alternative ways of sendmail & cyrus integration [Was: Virtual domains, Mailbox unknown]

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Sebastian Hagedorn wrote:
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>> 3) Real Time Cyrus Integration
>> It requires patching sendmail sources but allows sendmail to check
>> existence of cyrus mailbox in "real time"
>> []
>> * Method 2 can use periodically generated list on valid cyrus mailboxes
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> if I understand the description correctly, this approach doesn't 
> currently handle hashed spools, does it?

It can't handle hashed spools *NOW*.
Making sendmail support hashing based on first letter of mailbox is simple.

Another way of "real time sendmail & cyrus integration is to make sendmail use 
  "socket map" daemon available in CVS of Cyrus or creating custom "socket 
map" daemon.

Sendmail 8.12 requires another patch instead of _FFR_MAP_FSTAT, sendmail 
8.13.PreAplha4 supports socket map without patching.

Please let me know which option would you like to use yourself:
a) making sendmail to use regex map [regular expressions] to generate "hashed" 
path to cyrus mailboxes
b) patching sendmail 8.12 (socketmap patch) and
b1) using CVS version of cyrus
b2) using custom "socket map" daemon

P.S. rejected my generous donation of fstat map implementation 
[_FFR_MAP_FSTAT], "socket map" has very big chances to be supported by 
unpatched sendmail 8.13.

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