Cyrus mailers in sendmail

Gary Mills mills at cc.UManitoba.CA
Thu Feb 19 16:56:43 EST 2004

On Thu, Feb 19, 2004 at 09:46:15PM +0100, Andrzej Filip wrote:
> I would like to donate new cyrusv3 mailer file (cf/mailer/cyrusv3.m4) to 
> distribution.
> I would like to make cyrusv3 mailer file implement 3 mailer:
> cyrus-deliver - delivery via "deliver" program with domain stripping
> cyrus-local   - delivery via lmtp socket with domain stripping
> cyrus-dom     - delivery via lmtp socket without domain stripping
> Would you suggests another names or yet another mailer ?
> Do you have any suggestions ?

Could you arrange for one of these to be called `local'?  What I do
now is to redefine the local mailer to deliver via lmtp.  I'd like
to continue this practice.  Is there a reason for any site to use
more than one of your three mailers?

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