Sendmail cyrusv2 mailer, bulletin boards, and {VirtHost} class

Andrzej Filip anfi at
Fri Feb 20 06:36:43 EST 2004

Derek P. Moore wrote:
> I've been spending my last couple of days gettin' Cyrus IMAP up and runnin'
> (replacing UW-IMAP).  There've been a few kinks along the way, but I've managed
> to work through most o' my problems.  In gettin' the shared bulletin board
> delivery addresses working ( at, I ran into something that
> may seem minor, but is very important, methinks.
> I couldn't quite figure out why the delivery addresses weren't working from any
> of my domains except for the FQDN of the mail server itself.  Digging through
> my, I found:
> R$=L < @ $=w . >	$#cyrusv2 $: @ $1	special local names
> R$+ < @ $=w . >		$#cyrusv2 $: $1		regular local name
> I'm using the {VirtHost} class for my virtual domains, and the cyrusv2 seems to
> ignore this new class.  Adding the following lines fixed all my problems:
> R$=L < @ $={VirtHost} . >	$#cyrusv2 $: @ $1	special local names
> R$+ < @ $={VirtHost} . >	$#cyrusv2 $: $1		regular local name
> It seems to me entirely logical that the cyrusv2 mailer support the {VirtHost}
> class by default.  It would be wonderful if both classes {w} and {VirtHost}
> were supported by default in the cyrusv2 mailer for the next release of Cyrus
> IMAP and/or Sendmail.

Why have you added the domains handled by cyrus to $={VirtHost} [list of non 
local domains handled by virtusertable] instead of $=w [list of local email 
domains] ?

* Local domain are handled by virtusertable.
* How to add domain to $=w is described at
[ Add the domains to /etc/mail/local-host-names file ]

Do not complicate things when it is not necessary.

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