Getting usage information from Cyrus

Rudá Moura ruda at
Mon Feb 23 16:51:56 EST 2004

Hi everybody,

I'm writing a script in Python and I'm bit confused.
I would like to get some information from a Cyrus server
in order to do some administrative task, such as balance
users in partitions.

What I need is...

* Partitions

How do I get all name of partitions, it size and disk usage from Cyrus.
I mean I don't want to parse imapd.conf because my script will run
in another machine and I would not like to use a static
config file for partitions too.

* Users

How do I get a list of users (user.ruda,, which
partition this account belongs and disk usage (sum of all folders
of the user)

I know I could use LIST "" user.% and GETANNOTATION
too but the major problem is the number of
request to get a consolidation information,
I'm worried about performance and load of my Cyrus Server.
Is there another way?

I've already read all RFC for IMAP (ANNOTATION, ANNOTATIONMORE too),
Cyrus source (annotation.c), Perl bind and I can't go further
without a good advice.

Rudá Moura <ruda at>
Haxent Consultoria (

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