Shared Mailboxes/Bulletin Board Problem

Ken Murchison ken at
Mon Feb 23 19:11:35 EST 2004

Christopher Paluch wrote:

> I am running Cyrus 2.2.3 and I am running virtual domains, which I have working.  I am trying to create a shared folder for all the users.
> I first tried to create a shared folder, like shared/News, but I kept on getting a mailbox unknown error.  So then I tried to create a shared folder, specifc to a domain, like shared/News at, but the same results. I've tried sending to: +shared/News at, shared/News at, and shared+News at   Don't know what I'm doing wrong this time.
> Here is my setup:
> imapd.conf:
> postuser:               shared
> altnamespace:           yes
> virtdomains:            yes
> defaultdomain:
> loginrealms:  
> unixhierachysep:     yes
> Only thing I added to my was
> FEATURE(preserve_local_plus_detail)dnl
> cyradm lm:
> shared/News at (\HasNoChildren)
> shared at (\HasChildren)
> user/chris.paluch/Informix at (\HasNoChildren)
> user/chris.paluch/Sent at (\HasNoChildren)
> user/chris.paluch/Sent at (\HasNoChildren)
> user/chris.paluch/Trash at (\HasNoChildren)
> user/chris.paluch/Trash at (\HasNoChildren)
> user/chris.paluch at (\HasChildren)
> user/chris.paluch at (\HasChildren)
> user/chris.paluch at (\HasNoChildren)
> cyradm lam shared/News at
> cyrus lrswipcda
> anyone lrp

Based on the value of postuser and the name of your mailbox, the address 
which you would need to send to is:

shared+shared/News at

The first "shared" is because of your value of postuser.  Everything 
after the "+" is the mailbox name.  Note that you could remove the value 
of postuser (thus making it "") and post to:

+shared/News at

Or you could leave postuser alone and have your toplevel mailbox be 
News at and post to:

shared+News at

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