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Simon Matter simon.matter at
Tue Feb 24 16:30:51 EST 2004

> On Tue, Feb 24, 2004 at 05:07:31PM +0100, Fredrik Petersson wrote:
>> I have struggled hard to get a postfix-cyrus-mysql system run on a SuSE
>> 8.2
>> dist.
>> I have just reinstalled SuSE and gonna give it a new try tonight.
>> Cant find any suitable howto on internet so thats why I ask here.
> I seem to recall an HOWTO on that very subject had been discussed in the
> list.  If you would search the mailing list archive or the Wiki, I am
> pretty sure you will find it.
>> First, I would prefer the use of a rpm installation, I guess all the
>> rpms
>> are included in SuSE 8.2 exept pam_mysql i also guess i have to compile
>> postfix by my self to get the mysql support, is this a good way to do
>> this?
> There are a very good set of third-party RPM for Cyrus imapd you can get
> at  Simon Matter, the
> maintainer of these RPMs is very helpful and very active on this list.
> I am surprised he have not yet answered your question, actually.

My RPMs are for RedHat / Fedora Core Linux, I doubt they work on SuSE. I
think you should try the SuSE rpms. They sell several Cyrus-IMAPd based
products so I expect their cyrus* packages to be okay to start with.
I don't know about their postfix package but if it's like those from
RedHat, it possibly lacks all the mysql/pgsql stuff so you may check the
postfix site to learn where to find rpms.


> I highly recommend you use these RPM.  I have them successfully on one
> installtion and I am very satisfied about them.
>> Or shall I build everything by my self? How do I do with preinstalled
>> rpms
>> list?
> I don't speak authoritatively, but IMHO this is exactly what this list
> is for.
>> What kind of questions are welcome here? advanced? beginners? Developing
>> ?
>> Installation?
> I have seen all of these discussed here.  Ask away, at worst you won't
> get an answer !
> Good luck with your installation and be sure to have a look at the Wiki!
> I wish it had been there when I made my first step with Cyrus :
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