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Wed Feb 25 06:55:32 EST 2004

Zitat von Craig Ringer <craig at>:

> Out of curiosity, why MySQL? There seem to be a _lot_ of people trying
> to use Cyrus with MySQL, but I haven't seen any mention of why MySQL is
> a particularly desirable choice for authentication.
> Then again, I use LDAP for authentication myself - so I can certainly
> see why there would be a desire for /some/ sort of shared, network
> capable authentication scheme.
> I'd be really interested in why you or others have chosen MySQL as your
> authentication back-end.

Most of the time it is because MySQL is used for some other tasks too. It is
easy to setup, included in nearly all installations and has no serious
drawbacks for small systems.

LDAP is harder to understand and customize if you are a newbie.



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