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Tero Matinlassi tero.matinlassi at
Wed Feb 25 07:34:08 EST 2004

Lainaus Craig Ringer <craig at>:

> I'd be really interested in why you or others have chosen MySQL as
> your authentication back-end.

I have a couple of mail systems I've setup and done administrative

On one system, which is a web application, PHP and (My)SQL was already
used and users were on the database, so naturally when (Cyrus) IMAP was
introduced, there wasn't a desire to change authentication backend, but
instead I had to integrate IMAP with an existing system.

On another system, we installed web-cyradm for easy administration of
IMAP accounts, which was necessary to our client. It relies heavily on
the use of database.

So, I'd say I almost had to use SQL database as an authentication
backend. I think I would used sasldb or LDAP if it would have been an
option. Actually, for the next mail system I'm going to implement, I
plan to use sasldb and possibly use LDAP along with it at later stage.

But first I'm going to get rid of local unix user accounts in one
and throw accounts to sasldb (if it happens easily). This system, for
the record, uses a mixture of local user accounts and accounts on
Active Directory for authentication (and I can't move local accounts to
AD). Local accounts are left from a UW IMAP -> Cyrus migration I did
last weekend, which by the way was quite a pain, but that's another


Tero Matinlassi

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