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Fredrik Petersson fredde at
Thu Feb 26 04:29:52 EST 2004

Hi all and thanx for all the help, guess what?
I have a running imap system on my susebox now :)

But i have trouble with creating users, setting passwords for them.
I have a user fredde on my linux system with password oc.
I logged in to cyradm och created a mailbox with cm user.fredde
Okey, i can mail to the mailbox but fredds cant connect to the imap server.
What else do i need to do??
Imtest -m login localhost for freddes doesnt work, for cyrus it does :/
As usual just a point in the right direction would be nice and a little
excuse for my offtopic/newbie question, but i really think someone of you
got my answer, 

Best regards!

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On Thu, Feb 26, 2004 at 01:07:58AM +0800, Craig Ringer wrote:
> I've found some MTAs _awful_ when it comes to getting them to look up 
> users in an LDAP directory. I suspect they're much the same with other 
> user lookup methods, though.

Maybe that's the case for SMTP-AUTH, but as far as retrieving aliases is
concerned, Postfix work just fine with LDAP.  The only two complains I have
concerning Postfix LDAP aliases dictionnary is the lack of SSL support in
the (admittedly quite old) version of Postfix I am using, and the fact that
smtpd block (plain hang) when the LDAP servers are not available (I would
prefer it return some 4xx temporary error).

But maybe you where talking about the users repository for SMTP AUTH, which
is an entirely different story.  Sorry for going that much off-topic.

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