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Craig Ringer craig at
Thu Feb 26 03:59:15 EST 2004

On Thu, 2004-02-26 at 16:32, michele digioia wrote:

> I've already seen. sasl_pwcheck_method is sasldb. I see saslpasswd has some
> options like "application" and "user domain". Do I have to use them? How can
> I see what users are in sasldb?

cyrus$ sasldb<tab><tab>
sasl2-sample-client  sasldblistusers      saslpasswd2
sasl2-sample-server  sasldblistusers2     sasl-sample-client
saslauthd            saslpasswd           sasl-sample-server

I've never used sasldb before, but I think I can guess which one you
need to list users.

This brings to mind one other thing that could be going on. Were you
using 'saslpasswd' or 'saslpasswd2'? If you have Cyrus SASL 1.x and
Cyrus SASL 2.x installed, I think you could've been changing the version
1 database - with Cyrus IMAPd using the sasl version 2 database. A bit
of a guess, but it could explain what you're seeing. Note that in the
above listing I have saslpasswd and saslpasswd2, ditto for

Let me know how you go.

Craig Ringer

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