INBOX vanished

Craig Ringer craig at
Wed Feb 25 20:26:33 EST 2004

On Thu, 2004-02-26 at 04:13, Eddy Beliveau wrote:

> Do you know what the "skiplist: checkpointed " entry means ? Maybe this entry does not have nothing
> in common with my problem.

I think it's just a database maintainance task running, but I'm not

> Can I increase the log level, so it will logs some entry (timestamp, message id, ...) when imapd
> received the delete_message or expunge commands
> Any hints ? Any pointers ?

Examine - without changing anything - the users's actual mailbox on the
filesystem to confirm that it does not, in fact, have any messages in
it. It's possible that their MUA is having problems - many keep local
indexes in addition to using IMAP, and I've seen corruption of those
indexes cause all sorts of problems.

Otherwise ... well, I've seen some mail clients use IMAP like POP3 -
they'll download all messages to a local store, then delete them from
the server. (This has always struck me as pointless and retarded except
in very special cases like fetchmail). Could the user have used one of

What's your most recent backup of the user's mailbox?

Craig Ringer

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